Schematic Diagrams
Schematic Diagrams are used to design and build circuits. Schematic diagrams use a system of symbols to represent different components. Below is a guide of these symbols.

Block Diagrams
When drawing plans for large designs, it is very hard to diagram the entire thing. Instead, people replace specific parts with “blocks”, simply rectangles with descriptions.

Open, Closed and Short Circuits
The terms Open, Closed and Short describe particular states a circuit is in. An Open Circuit has no energy flowing through it, because there is no path connecting the “loop” of the circuit. Closed circuits, on the other hand, have a loop with which electricity can flow. Short circuits are a type of closed circuit where the electricity flows in a loop, but has no function so it simply wastes power, creating heat.

Try out reading Schematic Diagrams yourself with the sheet below.

Circuit Diagram Worksheet
Circuit Diagram Worksheet
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