Choosing a Radio

So: You just got your license and it is time to choose a radio. There are a couple of things to understand: Form Factor Base Station Base Station radios are large radios meant to fit on a desk. They usually cover the HF Bands, and most produce 100 Watts. These are the most abundant Ham …

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Digital Modes : Introduction

What are Digital Modes? Digital Modes in Ham Radio rely on using a computer to send data through the transmitter’s audio. Usually, a Computer or Radio will take text and convert it to a series of pitches, and then send them using SSB. Digital modes have a few significant advantages over other modes.  It is …

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Digital Modes : Setup

There are four key things any ham needs to run Digital Modes. Radio In order to run Digital Modes, you need a Radio capable of preforming some key functions. The Radio must first be able to operate at a high duty cycle (transmitting for up to three minutes at a time). This often means reducing …

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