HAM Radio

Why Amateur Radio?

Amateur Radio was created initially in a time before phones were common, and so it allowed people to talk to each other. Slowly, it has evolved into a community of visionary people who like to push the limits of their equipment, and to enjoy the camaraderie of others.

What can I do on Ham Radio?
People have done tons of crazy, cool and fun things with radio. Here are just a few:


DXing is the practice (even Sport) of reaching Long Distances and Foreign Countries on the Radio. On VHF and UHF frequencies, this could be 50 to 100 Miles, whereas on HF Bands, many amateurs have worked 99% of the countries in the world, and even have stations so powerful they can send a signal and …

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Ham Bands

There are only certain “bands” where HAMs are allowed to operate. These are called the HAM Bands. Below is a chart of the HAM Bands and their uses:

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In order to become a HAM, you need to get a license by passing the HAM Exam. This exam covers a wide variety of radio topics. Before your exam, you need to read the exam book, which you can find here. In order to get a HAM License, you need to find a local VE …

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