Emergency Calls

Even if you are not an operator, it is essential to know how to send an emergency call.

First, you need to find a frequency to call on. Depending what type of Radio you are using, there is a different emergency frequency to use. If you own a radio, write down the frequencies to use, so in a disaster, you can call for help. Use the following table for typical channels

Service Frequency
Citizens Band 27.065 Mhz (Channel 9)
Marine VHF 156.800 Mhz (Channel 16)
Marine HF 2182 Khz 4125 Khz 6215 Khz 8291 Khz 12290 Khz 16420 Khz
Aviation 121.5 Mhz
General UHF (Monitored by Satellites) 406 Mhz
Amateur Phone Patch 911. Use a Phone Patch (through a local repeater) and dial 911 for instant help on Amateur Radio.

How to Call for Help
Once you have found a frequency you will want to call for help. For voice modes, call “Mayday” for life-threatening issues or “Pan-Pan” for help when life is not in danger. On Morse Code, send “SOS”. Then, repeat important information like your name (callsign), situation, help needed, location, anything that would be relevant in providing assistance. Call frequently, depending on Battery or Power Supply and Necessity of Help. Remember, if worst comes to worst, scan the band for others you can ask help from.